Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter Wu, Bo-Yi, Pingtung, Aug 5th)
 Recently, the Army Special Forces Command 5th Battalion is engaged in paratrooper training. Today, the paratrooper equipment change training is conducted for the first time for officers and soldiers to get used to the operations of different paratrooper equipment, allowing them to hone their combat skills and strengthen the combat force of the Army. To strengthen the combat abilities of Special Forces officers and soldiers and make preparations for participation in the annual military exercises, the Army Special Forces Command 5th Battalion led by Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Wu, exhibited high morale and spirits in preparations. Taking the C-130 transport aircraft in the morning, the Battalion was flown to Paratrooper Base in Chaozhou, Pingtung and completed the MC-1B personnel paratrooper training. During the exercise, officers and soldiers of the 5th Battalion displayed high cohesion. Before boarding, the members helped each other with equipment checks and reminders. Once on board, paratrooper training instructors and officers led the battalion in inspiring slogans to prepare them for the mission and complete today’s training exercise successfully.