Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter Wu, Bo-Yi, Kaohsiung Aug 4th)
With the Air Force Academy Open Day around the corner, the Academy has implemented the first all-out preview exercise, and invited charity organizations such as Down Syndrome Association R.O.C., Red Cross Ci-Hui Group to visit. Through the event, the public-spiritedness and concern for society of the military is exhibited and visitors are led to witness the results of the military in defense and combat readiness.
The preview exercise was held in the morning in the Air Force Academy by Air Force Commander-General Shen, Yi-Ming. In the exercise, besides the V-formation and white smoke presented by the famous Thunder Tiger Team, other aerial maneuvers such as single plane four-point roll maneuver, double plane rolling maneuver, and fan formations were also on display, stirring excitement and applause in the crowd.
In the afternoon, the Ching-Kuo Fighter Jet also put on an excellent display of performance, soaring through the skies with superb controls. Following that, other main jet fighters such as the F-16 and Mirage 2000 also completed their performance. Through the event, the air force pilots showed superb combat skills and completed many high difficulty maneuvers, exhibiting their fine aerial combat skills and training.