Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency reporter Li, Yi-Hao, Taipei, Aug 3)
With Father’s Day just around the corner, Minister of Defense Guangchi Gao met with military officers who were awarded the “2015 National 41st Model Father Award” and expressed gratitude on behalf of the Ministry of Defense for their selfless contributions and for their encouragement of their children in taking a military career, and they should be the role models for all soldiers and officers. In the morning, Defense Minister Gao met with the 21 award winners chosen by the Ministry of Defense and expressed his congratulation. Accompanied by their children, the award winners were awarded the certificates and tokens by Defense Minister Gao. The ceremony was solemn yet harmonious. Defense Minister Gao pointed out that this year happens to be the 70th anniversary of victory over the Japanese Occupation and the origins of Father’s Day in Taiwan can be traced back to 1945 towards the end of the war. In remembrance of the patriots who have sacrificed their lives and to unite the determination of Taiwan people in overcoming the Occupation, the government declared Aug 8th as Father’s Day in memory of the courageous, loyal, sacrifice and devotion spirits demonstrated by the people. As this is also the spirit behind the stipulating of Father’s Day, the idea is deeply planted in the minds of military officers and soldiers and used as a standard for inspiration. Defense Minister Gao stated that fathers are the supporting pillars of the family and their actions will serve as examples for their children. In addition to striving hard at work, fathers also devote considerable energies to taking care of family member, subtly influencing their children to cultivate values of filial piety and loyalty and become the strong pillars of the military. Defense Minister Gao also expressed that the children present should live up to their fathers and country’s expectations, and move on from their current foundations to improve and transcend themselves as the best repayment to their fathers.