Defense News

(Reported by Military News Agency reporter, Chen, Jian-Xing, Taipei, Aug 2nd)
The Military Recruitment Program cum “Summer Flight Carnival” co-organized by the Ministry of Defense and National Geographic Channel was successfully completed today. Over the 2-day event, military personnel prepared a variety of exciting events, put on display a diversity of equipment, and exhibited superb combat skills and excellent combat force. In addition to eliciting cries of excitement and applause from the crowd, the events also attracted the over 10 thousand people to participate in the events and witness for themselves the combat force of the military.
The 2-day Military Recruitment Program cum “Summer Flight Carnival” was implemented in the morning in the old base camp of the Air Force Command Headquarters. As the event coincided with a holiday, the entrance of the military camp saw the surge of eager civilians grasping the rare opportunity to witness the military equipment and exciting displays. Through their enthusiasm and actions, the Taiwan people are showing their support for the diversified educational National Defense Tour.
The launch of the event in the morning was started by the Drums team from the Army College and then followed by thrilling displays from the Military Police Special Services Company, Army Special Operations Command, Marines Amphibious Reconnaissance and Patrol Unit and Chikwondo Team, triggering shouts of excitement and camera shots in memory of the exciting exhibitions.
In addition, the exhibition also offered equipment display such as Patriot II Anti-air Missile, Thunderbolt-2000 RT/LT-2000, Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle and other 15 current military weapons on active duty while the military recruitment booths offer images cheerful atmosphere between military personnel and civilians.
Despite the hot weather, the exquisitely designed mini version of the AT3 Jet Trainer and flight suit experiences attracted children and parents to participate while other military experience sectors offering chemical protection suits, navy diving suits, backpack radio wave communication set, rifles and towed missile firing simulators also attracted attention of civilians, offering an enriching National Defense Tour.
Making use of the holiday to bring the children over, Xue, Hui-Fang expressed that the “Summer Flight Carnival” event is a direct channel for civilians to understand and participate in National Defense, and through actual contacts with the military, the idea of Civilian National Defense can be deeply planted and allow closer relations between military and civilians.