Defense News

(Witten by Reporter Cho-Yi-Li from Military News Agency, Taichung, 30th)
Today, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of National Defense Lieutenant General Wang, Hsin-Long hosted “2015 Voluntary Military Service Advocacy Forum” at Cheng Kung Ling Camp in Central Taiwan. The Forum invited recruitment-related supervisors, persons in charge, and soldiers from the army, navy, air forces, reserve commands, and military police, and arranged specialists to explain the current policy and guideline of the existing voluntary military service, hoping to continuously enhance the recruitment and consolidate fighting forces. 
Responsible units from Ministry of National Defense first elaborated the topics like the “promotion of supporting measures for the policy of voluntary military service”, “guideline for issuance of retention consolation money”, “planning and description of advanced studies”, and “protection of soldiers interests”, which allowed attendants to clearly understand the supporting measures and guideline of the existing voluntary military service.
Later, Permanent Secretary Wang, Hsin-Long had separate discussions with recruitment-related supervisors, persons in charge, and representatives of new recruits, who are currently taking on the orientation of voluntary military service at Cheng Kung Ling Camp, and listened to soldiers’ recommendations for the promotion of voluntary military service and gave feedback.
Permanent Secretary Wang, Hsin-Long indicated that Ministry of National Defense has strived to improve soldiers’ salary and welfare and establish a good wok and living environment. He encouraged persons in charge to work together in accordance with the related supporting measures for voluntary military service, continuously enhance the recruitment, and attract outstanding talents to join the national armed forces.
In addition, Permanent Secretary Wang, Hsin-Long also encouraged new recruits choosing the military service as the starting point of life and considered it a wise decision. Since the national armed forces have promoted the supporting measures for voluntary military service in the aspects of salary, dignity, and career plans, soldiers would definitely realize their ideals and move toward goals.