Defense News

(Witten by Reporter Chen, Ying-Chu from Military News Agency, Taipei, July 28th)
Today, Minister of Ministry of National Defense Guangchi Gao awarded medals to Lieutenant General Chen, Chien-Tsai and the other officer and praised them for their dedication to fulfilling tasks and outstanding contributions to preparedness during the military service.
In the morning, Minister Gao held a farewell ceremony for two retired officers and thanked them for their dedication to the country. In addition, Minister Gao also encouraged them to face the retirement with a positive attitude and feel delighted to maintain the harmonious family. 
Minister Gao indicated that the national armed forces are promoting the “voluntary military service”, aiming to achieve the goal of “national defense transformation” through recruitment and retention, revolution of military affairs, and talent cultivation. He hoped that retiring colleagues may still propose recommendations of national defense and continue to support the army and preparedness.
Moreover, to let retired generals fully understand personal rights and interests, related services, and regulations of confidentiality, Ministry of National Defense especially coordinated Veterans Affairs Council to provide detailed descriptions for them, showing its sincere care for colleagues.