Defense News


(Witten by Reporter Cho, Yi-Li from Military News Agency, Taichung, July 27th)
To strengthen the soldiers’ capability of protection and emergency response when facing NBC, the Army 5th District Support Command Carried out “NBC” training at Fengyuan Joint Maintenance Shop today. In addition to listening to the introduction to NBC protection equipment like gas masks, soldiers entered the protection laboratory with discharged CS capsules to personally experience the confrontation of NBC and demonstrate the training effect.
In the “NBC” training courses, military instructors first introduced the assembly, materials, and use of gas masks and NBC protection equipment owned by the national armed forces; next, soldiers were asked by military instructors to wear gas masks and enter the protection lab burnt with CS capsules one by one to experience the highlight of the course, “gas chamber”.
In the lab, after reporting their names and ranks, soldiers walked around the gas chamber once with tears, snot, and saliva coming out from the face continuously. They truly felt the irritation caused by gas burnt out of CS capsules in a confined space. Through this training, soldiers improved their capability of protection and emergency response and understood the hazards caused by toxic gas discharged by the enemy on the battlefields.