Defense News

( Reporter Lin, Ching-Chieh and Yang, Wei-Lien from Military News Agency)
Minister of Ministry of National Defense Guangchi Gao visited Kinmen Defense Command today to recognize soldiers’ efforts to safeguard the front-line and encourage the cadres of all levels to realize soldiers’ duty and missions and focus on the combat training, consolidate fighting forces, and continuously safeguard the national security. 
In the morning, Minister Gao, accompanied by related officers, visited the troops in Kinmen, listen to the presentation of current status of professional training, combat training preparedness, and logistics maintenance and asked the cadres to improve the recruitment and retention rate in order to meet the demand for grassroots units, further build the elite troops, and lay a long-term solid foundation for national security.
To meet the goal of “voluntary military service”, Minister Gao interviewed with every officer and cadre to thoroughly understand the recruitment, tough problems, and improvement in living facilities, hoping to meet the goal of voluntary military service via brainstorming. Grassroots cadres fully expressed the gradual completion of supportive measures for the voluntary military service. A few days ago, after the “extra wage for fighting forces” and the “retention consolation money” were given, soldiers’ willingness to stay in the troop was increased significantly. In the future, the military would actively strengthen related supportive advocacy and extend the recruiting channels in order to attract more outstanding students to join the national armed forces.
Minister Gao emphasized that the garrison in Kinmen has prepared for the combat diligently with excellent tradition for a long time, making citizens in Taiwan Island live safely without worries. This showed that the soldiers had excellent performances in capabilities and tasks; Minister Gao sincerely hoped that the cadres of all levels could feel proud to serve at the defense zone, cherish the time in the military service, and perform their duty well in order to live up to citizens’ expectations.
Since Mainland China has not given up the intention of violent invasion of Taiwan, Minister Gao warned soldiers in the defense zone to continue to carry out combat training, stay alert at any time, follow the regulation and requirement of confidentiality, and well store important classified documents in order to prevent military information from disclosure and ensure the troops’ safety.
After finishing the visit, Minister Gao went to legislator Yang,Ying-Hsiung at his office and visited Magistrate of Kinmen County Chen, Fu-Hai to listen to the recommendations for national defense administration. In addition, they changed opinions on the establishment of warship museum by Kinmen County Government; Minister Gao indicated that the military would fully help recover the ancient appearance of warship and provide related documents in order to exert the effect of all-out defense education and gather citizens’ consensus on the premise that the combating training would not be affected and the local construction would be promoted.