Defense News

(Written by Reporter Chou, Sheng-Wei from Military News Agency, Taipei, 21st)
Today, Spokesman of Ministry of National Defense Major General David Lo stated in the press conference that the reach of voluntary military service was 70.9% in the first half year. When being asked by the media about “whether the goal of “100% voluntary military service” will be achieved as scheduled in 2017”, David indicated that Ministry of National Defense held the discreet and positive attitude toward the promotion of voluntary military service.
David Lo pointed out that the “conscription” in Taiwan was gradually replaced with “voluntary military service” given the national environment and actual needs for operations. However, the government still regularly musters draftees under compulsory military service to take on four-month military training according to the nationals’ obligation to serve in the army stipulated in Constitution of the Republic of China. It is different from “100% voluntary military service” regulated in foreign countries.
Regarding the question raised by the media about the relationship between the payment of extra wages and the effectiveness of recruitment, Head of Section of Personnel Preparedness of Office of Deputy Staff Officer, Ministry of National Defense Fu, Cheng-Jung indicated that after the extra wages and retention consolation have been paid since April 1st, the retention rate of Mechanized Infantry Brigade in the first and second quarter increased by 2.2%, and that of entire armed forces increased by 4.8%. The payment of extra wages significantly benefited the increase in manpower. 
Head of Division of Human Resources of Department of Resource Planning, Ministry of National Defense Major General Liu Ching-Chung indicated that the Division is currently reviewing the fighting forces which have not been included in the payment of extra wages. After considering the government’s budget and the joint visit of troops, the Division will report the effectiveness of subsequent implementation to citizens.