Defense News

(Written by Reporter Cho, Yi-Li from Military News Agency, Taichung, 20th)
Today, Artillery Command 58 of Legion 10 of Army held the annual gunnery shooting distance shortening drill. Under the instruction of shooting commander, artillery troops completed the gunnery shooting simulation with high morale and skilled operation. Soldiers’ strict and disciplined actions reflected the effectiveness of solid training.
The “gunnery maintenance and shooting” is one of important training annually for the artillery. To successfully complete the drill, Artillery Command 58 of Army stationed at the training field in the morning and practiced the joint fire supportive and coordinating mechanism as well as the overall operational capacity for shooting, inspection, observation, communication, and canon.
Artillery Command 58 indicated that in addition to the distance shortening drill, they also practiced the maintenance of artillery equipment daily to allow every function of artillery to function regularly. Besides, they also ordered soldiers achieve the requirements for training based on the procedures, steps, and main points in order to forge solid fighting force and accomplish gunnery shooting tasks.