Defense News

(Witten by Reporter Tsai, Tsung-Heng from Military News Agency, Penghu, 16th)
Today, trainees participating in Penghu Summer Battle Camp visited Wude Camp to understand various armored vehicles of National Armed Forces and take M113 armored vehicles to experience their fast speed and fully understand the solid force of garrisons.  
When visiting Wude Camp in the morning, the trainees first listened to the safety requirements introduced by instructors and formed groups to take M113 armored vehicles. Trainees wore helmets and were squeezed in the narrow space of vehicles to experience the wind-like speed and mobility with cheers and screams.
In addition, stationed soldiers explained functions and characteristics of combat equipment, such as mortar carrier vehicles and communication command vehicles, and answers to questions raised by trainees, further strengthening trainees’ understanding of weapons and equipment of National Armed Forces. 
In the afternoon, the trainees visited Lintou Park to tour the historical site. The cadres of the troop introduced the history and features of the attraction, helping trainees thoroughly understand the beauty of local cultures in Penghu. Later, in the closing ceremony, Directorate of Political Warfare of Penhu Defense Command of General Wu awarded excellent trainees. In addition, General Wu also encouraged all trainees to share the experiences and knowledge learned from the Summer Camp with family members and friends, allowing them to understand the importance of national defense and support National Armed Forces with concrete actions.
Tomorrow morning, the trainees will take C-130H transport aircraft to Songshan Air Force Base in Taipei and end the five-day brilliant courses successfully.