Defense News

(Witten by Reporter Chen, Ying-Chu from Military News Agency, Kinmen, July 15th)
“Thank soldiers for their sacrifice and remaining at their posts to protect the country and citizens”, said Wu Yen, a trainee from Kinmen Battle Camp, studying in Fuzhi Senior High School in Yunlin. After visiting the Mashan stronghold titled “First Post in the World”, she stated that her impression on Kinmen was only based on the history textbook. Visiting the place, she thanked the ancestors for their sacrifice and defending the homeland.
To allow trainees to learn the history of The Battle of Ku-Ning-Tou, Kinmen Battle Camp took trainees to visit the Mashan stronghold, Jhaishan Tunnel, and Guningtou Battle Museum today. With the guide’s introduction, trainees felt the tension between Taiwan and Mainland China as well as the efforts and hard work of national armed forces to protect the country and homeland.
Hu, Yu-An, a trainee also studying in Fuzhi Senior High School, said that she finally knew the close distance between Taiwan and Mainland China through the telescope at Mashan Observation Station. She also deeply experienced soldiers’ fearlessness of attacks and remaining at the front-line to protect Taiwan and admired martyrs’ determination to safeguard the territory of the R.O.C.
A trainee Hsieh, Chi-Lun said that after visiting Guningtou Battle Museum, he further understood the cruelty of war and the important of the Battle to R.O.C. He sincerely thanked the dedicated military for their protection of Taiwan. Because of their sacrifice for the Battle, he could have the steady life today. Thanks to the visit, he cherished the value of peace more.