Defense News

(Witten by Reporter Wu, Po-Yi from Military News Agency, Kaohsiung, July 14th)
National Armed Forces held the “demonstration of handling of duds” today in forms of workshops, hands-on drills and after-class seminars and guided the cadres to thoroughly understand the handling of waste bombs, duds, and safety standards, and precautions in order to set up unified operating procedures and avoid hazardous events from happening. 
The demonstration of handling of duds was held in the morning at The 4th Regional Support Command and hosted by Deputy Commander-in-chief of Army Lieutenant General Chen, Chuan-Kuan. Three workshops were held with the topics of “handling of waste bombs and duds’, “handling of news media”, and “removal of duds on slides in airports”, hoping to strengthen each unit’s practical experiences in handling of duds.
Deputy Commander-in-chief Chen indicated in his greetings that the handling of duds belonged to tasks with high risks and high technology. Implementing units from the army, navy, and air force were invited to participate in the demonstration, where workshops and hands-on observation were held to promote the correct methods for handling, standard operating procedures, and handling of news media, strengthen training and assessment of talents, and implement strict risk control in order to complete the missions safely and successfully.