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(Witten by Reporter Chou, Sheng-Wei from Military News Agency, Taipei, July 13th)
“Joining the army makes the life change significantly”, said Chef Petty Officer Wang, Dao-Chang, who has worked on aircraft maintenance in Army Air Base Service Station for more than twenty years. Wang has visited four foreign courtiers to carry out the training or help alliances execute projects. This Thursday (July 16th), the “Soldier” unit in Jyuguang Corner will broadcast “Chef Petty Officer Wang, Dao-Chang’s breakthrough and dedication”. Welcome the public to watch the show on time.
Currently serving as a Chef Petty Officer in Army Air Base Service Station, Wang, Dao-Chang is responsible for examination into various types of electronic instruments systems. Thus, he often needs to contact and use foreign equipment and technical books. Since the quality of maintenance of helicopters relates to the whole crew’s life, the maintenance should be carried out strictly without errors. This is Wang’s insistence on expertise.
“Being a soldier lets us learn many things, among which we focus on the attitude and perspectives on things.” When facing various challenges, Wang always reminds himself of the idea that “all hardships will pass eventually”, and upholds a spirit of constant learning and persistence to enrich and dedicate himself to the maintenance and security of army air logistic service.
The debut of the program “Chef Petty Officer Wang, Dao-Chang’s breakthrough and dedication” of Military News Agency will be broadcast on this Thursday (July 16th) at 2pm in channel CTS. The program will be replayed on Friday at 2pm and on Saturday at 8am. In case of missing the abovementioned time, the audience may visit the website of Military News Agency and select the directory of “Military News Video”, or visit YouTube and search “Military News Agency” to watch the program. Welcome the nationals to watch the program.