Defense News


(Written by Reporter Tsai, Tsung-Heng from Military News Agency, July 8th)

Today, Chef of the General Staff General Yen, Teh-Fa visited ROC Air Force 427thTactical Fighting Wing on behalf of Guangchi Gao to praised IDF pilots for their efforts during the showcase of national defense strength and recognized their calm emergency response to turbulence. Their excellent performances demonstrated professional skills and sense of honor of the air force, which is worth appreciating by nationals.

In the afternoon, Chef of the General Staff Yen accompanied by supervisors, visited Ching-Chuan-Kang Air Base to listen to the incident and recognize the efforts of national armed forces. Chef of the General Staff Yen indicated that The Han Kuang Exercise and National Defense Strength Showcase Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan was the largest showcase in recent years. Staring from February 2015, Ministry of National Defense has arranged related units to participate in a series of training under the control of Showcase Command. The showcase demonstrated imposing national defense strength and fully presented the spirit and feature of joint operations of national armed forces. The best performance was presented in front of nationals to let everyone understand the importance of national defense as well as witness the result of solid training of national armed forces for preparedness.

 Especially, during the flyover, Aircraft No. 3 and No. 4 in IDF swung due to the wake of preceding echelon. Fortunately, pilots swiftly responded in a short time, adjusted the posture, and maintained the formation to pass the observation platform and accomplish the mission successfully. This proved that the regular training is solid enough to stand the revere test.Chef of the General Staff Yen also pointed out that this incident and the quick response of pilots should be included in the experience sharing to increase the confidence in the exercise. In addition, related parameters and plans should also be included in the reference for future formation flights in order to enhance the risk management.