Defense News


(Written by Reporter Chou, Sheng-Wei from Military News Agency on July 1st, Taipei)
Today, Navy Command Headquarters held “Navy Relics Exhibition Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan and the Retrocession of Taiwan”. Hosting the inauguration and ribbon-cutting ceremony, Deputy Minister of Ministry of National Defense Chen, Yung-Kang invited Former Minister of Ministry of National Defense Wu, Shih-Wen, senior navies, and anti-war veterans to participate in the inauguration and commemorate the Navy’s outstanding contributions to the war of resistance against Japan. When giving a speech for the inauguration, Deputy Minister Chen first paid the most sincere respect to Chou, Chin-Chiang Hsu, Ming-De, and other veterans on behalf of Minister Guangchi Gao. He indicated that during the war of resistance against Japan, the Navy upheld the military duty and fought courageously and unflinchingly when facing the predominant navy and air force of enemies. They successfully detained the Japanese offensive based on the resolution to sacrifice them fearlessly in exchange for sustainability of the nation. Deputy Minister Chen especially quoted the data in April 1940 from past President Chiang Kai-shek and stated that “the Navy deploys the artillery and mines to detain the Japanese army’s offensive at Yangtze River. Without any weapons or equipment, the national armed force can achieve the same effect.” Under the inferior strength during the war of resistance against Japan, the Navy fully exerted all strength to survive and fight in battlefields at risk as well as strove to take valuable time and opportunities for victory. Such deeds are the Navy’s spirit of anchor and chain and the practice of loyalty and justice.  General of Navy Command Headquarters Li, His-Ming also indicated that the relics of this exhibition included valuable pictures, diagrams, models, annual reports, ship clocks, and operational reports. In addition, the exhibition also contained war paintings, comics, and films relating to interviews with anti-war veterans, which diversely demonstrated the Navy’s and predecessors’ contributions to the nation during the war of resistance against Japan. Starting from today and ending on September 30, the Navy Relics Exhibition contains “Establishment of the Navy for the War of Resistance against Japan”, “Ships Attach and River Block for Resisting the Westward Offensive”, “Mines Deployment for Detaining Enemies”, “Reconstruction of the Navy after Victory”, and “Younger Generation’s Responsibility for Propagation”. Welcome entities, schools, and groups to apply for the visit (attached with the list of participants). For the detailed content and application, welcome to contact Navy Command Headquarters by phone (02-25334783) in office hours.