Defense News

(Reported by TSAI, TSON-HENG on Jun.29 in Taipei) The Reservist Command hold the 70th anniversary celebration and promotion ceremony on Jun.29 at the Zhongai Camp. The deputy commander Major General Chen awarded the rank in person. Chen appreciated the devotion of the participants and encouraged them to uphold the spirit of service and the attitude of constantently development to honor the style of the command of being loyalty and compassionate, creating a proud history for the army. Chen also pray for the victims in the park blast event with all the participating staff, wishing them can regain health.Chen pointed out that the command has been through several reorganizing and takes not only the mission of reservist mobilization but as the civil unit of the army. The command has the mission to mobilize at war and promote the civil defense at peace. It's an unit with history and honor. Chen claimed that the spirit mobilization, veteran service, rookie assistance, and advancing profession are the focus of the task and the command shall propose specific instructions and with the devotion of troops, meeting the expectation of the people.Chen said that the command is planning the training for draftees and hope the competent troops can uphold the principle of step by step, training the draftees to be a qualified soldier. Meanwhile, Chen also ask the troops to offer their best to the draftees and provides a refined environment for training and living with love and patience. In addition, the command hold the 70th anniversary of the victory of the resistance war and the command history exhibition to display the photo at that time, presenting the historic material. The exhibition reminds the people today the history and the toughness of the difficult times.