Defense News


(Reported by Zhuo, Yi-Li on Jun.24 in Taichung)
The 10th Legion hold the Annual Gunnery Practice Session at the Villagers' pavilion of Taichung City Chinsuei Dist. and appeal the support from local residence. The army presented the plan of the gunnery practice and appeal the support for the people to ensure efficiency of the training of ht army. The Session was hold by Major General Lai and 50 local gentlemen from Kaomei Vil., Kaodon Vil., Kaoxi Vil., Kaobei Vil., and Kaonan Vil., presented and provided their suggestions. Lai claimed that the Fanzai Liao Camp is the only artillery training camp in central Taiwan. The army has adjusted the target zone to protect the fishing field and ocean resource. Lai pointed that the gunnery training is the critical project for annual course. The practice this time will be scheduled to lower the disturbance to the local people and avoid the shooting in the fishing periods, protecting the interest of the people.