Defense News

(Reported by TSAI, TSONG-HEN on Jun.23 in Hsinchu)
FAFA and IEAT visited the troops participating the strength presentation and pay their respect today and also were impressed by the training result and the high morale of the troops.The visitation was led by FAFA director LEE, DON-LIANG, accompanying with secretary HSIA, DE-YU and IEAT president, HUANG, CHEN-TSON. They visited the HSINCHU HUKO Camp and viewed the presentation of thestrength exhibition of Hanguan No.31 drill. LEE was impressed by the high morale of the troops and awarded the bonus to encourage the devotion of the troops.LEE claimed that the devotion of the army ensures the safety of Taiwan. The Strength Presentation to be took place on Jul.4 is the main stage to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory. The participating troops shall present the result of t raining and show the best to the people. Today, the members IEAT came and encouraged the troops and hoped they can take care of the health and give their best presentation on the official event.