Defense News

(Interviewed by LIN, JIN-JIE)
"The resistance war is the survive battle for the nation", the former AVG member Du went as he memorized the cruelty of the war.DU went that the invasion from Japan had been increased from the 918 incident and as a result the nation was scattered and the development of ROC was threatened. However, with the devotion of the people, ROC won the victory. It's the greatest resistance war of the history of the nation. Du analyzed the reason for the victory was the determination of fighting. Japan owned far more superior weapons to our army but we didn't give up and smash the illusion of conquer china in 90 days of Japan and pull the force of Japan in the battlefield of China. After the Pearl Harbor attack, the alliance between China and USA was built and the support from the America assisting the war against Japan a lot.DU as a witness of history went that the AVG is the proof of the friendship between two countries. With the support from Chennault, the AVG established and the P-40 and P-51 aircrafts were invested into the china war and lead the war to victory.It's the 70th anniversary of the victory, and Du still memorized the brutality of the Japs. He said that though now everyone is enjoying the peace but only the remembrance of the war and the sacrifice of the war hero, we can keep the prosperous life forever.