Defense News

(Reported by Lee, Zhong-Hsuan on Jun.17 in Taipei)_
The Executive Yuan Petition Committee visited the Ministry to inspect the petition and Appeal department and hold the workshop to advance the procedure of the petition and protect the interest of the troops.The committee was led by the Chair Liu and inspected the Ministry in the morning, appreciating the efficiency of the Ministry processing the petition cases.Hsu claimed that petition is an administrative way to make up the inappropriate decision made by the authority. The government can also learn from the petition case to review the blind spot of policy.Hsu pointed out that the Ministry processes the petition with the cooperation of the juridical officer and promote the petition procedure by visiting the base troops and academy, aiming to improve the accuracy of the decision and enhance the understanding of the troops on the system. In the workshop, the committee advise the ministry to reinforce the spirit of administration according to law and enhance the law system in the Ministry.