Defense News

(Reported by Zhuo, Yi-Li on Jun.15 in Taichung)
The Ministry hold the 2015 Heat Stroke and Rhabdomyolysis Prevention seminar at central area and instructed the staff the heat Stroke and rhabdomyolysis prevention method by professional instructors, reinforcing the risk management and preventing the safety events.The seminar was hold by Navy vice commander HUANG, SHU-GUANG and the chief officers, executive officers, and supervising NCO  of the 5th warzone were participated and renew the knowledge in heat stroke prevention.Huang claimed that the staff shall have the safety consciousness, ensuring the risk prevention procedure and establishing a step by step physical training program to ensure the safety of the troops.In the seminar, Dr. Ho, Li-An, from Physical Education Department of PCCU, lectured with Dr. Shen, Chen-Mao, titled the  Heat Stroke and Rhabdomyolysis Prevention, to the troops to prevent the risk events and enhancing the knowledge of the army in risk prevention and emergent aid.