Defense News


(Reported by Zhou, Yi-Li on Jun.14 in Taichung)
The Army has been developing the procedure for the rescue of compounded disaster to ensure the safety and property of people.The Army 10th legion 52 engineering group has accomplished the 2015 rescue training, implementing the situation drill and the command system in emergence and the operation of the equipment.The 52 engineering group has been training on all kinds of professions and implemented a comprehensive review before entering the training camp for all personnel.The training was comducted at Chiayi Jenyi Lake and Taichung Guang 6 camp, including marine rescue, bridge fixing, human rescue and the joint operation with equipment.The training was implemented at site, combining the wnvironment and landscape, reinforcing the operation of equipment and shortens the response time of the troop. In the end of the training, the troop has to receive the assessment of the training center to validate the command system and the operation skill of the troop. Though the weather is not ideal, the troop still pass the assessment with high morale.The 52 engineering group claimed that the training aims to elevate the rescue capacity, and establishing SOPs to ensure the life and property of the people.