Defense News

(Reported by Zhou, Shen-Wei)
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory, the Ministry hold the Hangguang No.31 Military Parade, hosted by the Chief Staff General YEN, DE-FA. The army presented the result of training in the witness of over 4000 troops and citizens. The parade began with the air march, groun parade and the skill presentation. The weapon and equipment used by the army in the resistance war were presented altogether with the advanced weapon, presenting the honorable heritage and the devotion of the army in advance the military equipment.
The parade was instructed by the Ministry, supported by the logistic department, instruction department, special force, MP Command, Air Command, Fleet Command, and Communication Command, constituting the Drill Command and controlling the 3858 people from 32 units and the 64 planes, and 294 vehicles of 52 types.The troops participating the drill stationed in the Huko camp on Mar.23 and uphold the principle of division and combination to implement the training. The organized presentation showed the morale and spirit of the army .The Ministry pointed out that the troops participating the drill not only present the results of training but also honoring the martyrs of the resistance war. The people shall encourage the spirit of the army and the army shall advance the training in the base consolidated by the veterans.