Defense News

(Reported by LEE, YI-HAO on Jun.10, in Taipei)
This year is the 70th anniversary of the victory of the resistance war and the Ministry establish the exclusive page for the celebration,  hoping to introduce the honorable history to the people in an interesting way.
The Ministry pointed out that the page consists of the event news, history review, the beginning of the war, the defence of the country, the draw-out war, the alliance, the AVG, the victory, the comic series, e-book, and memorial calendar, warming up for the visitors the history and the struggle of the army at that time.
The Ministry pointed out that the page is in the site of http://aode.mnd.gov.tw/, an the visitors can also subscribe for the e-paper, phone version, and review the English page. The Ministry welcome the people to coma and familiarize the history.