Defense News

(Reported by ZHOU, LI-HSIN on Jun.9 in Taipei)
The Ministry present the replica edition of the Victory Medal and the Personnel Staff Lieutenant General HSU, YAN-PU pointed out that the medal will be issued to the veterans participating into the resistance war to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory.
Hsu claimed that the medal will be issued to the officers, NCOs, and the soldiers recruited before Sep.3, 1944 to honor the devotion of the troops. The award ceremony will be hold as a part of the 70th anniversary serial events with the help of  Veteran Council, and FAD.
HSU pointed out that the applications form will be open on the website, welcoming  all the qualified veterans, whether in Taiwan, or aboard, or in china, applies for the honor. The application shall be filed at the Veteran Council, FAD, Bureau of Hong Kong Affairs, MAC, oe SEF.
Hsu went that the first batch of the medal is 6000 pieces and the application time is unlimited. With the medal, a certificate will be issued altogether to honor the devotion of the veterans.