Defense News

(Interviewed by reporter Fang, Zheng)
The Commissioner, Colonel Chen, expressed to the press that the historic AVG print represented on the modern craft is a symbol of the heritage of history.Chen pointed out that the presentation has been prepared for over a month, from the gathering of materials and photos, films, and books. The AVG print on F-16 and IDF with the national falg on the tail is the pride of the country.The Material Officer, Colonel Ho, Er-Yuan, is another organizer of the exhibition. He pointed out that the Japanese flag on the plane shows the plane hit by the AVG and the 16 flags refers to the credit for the captain Nid and the 5 flags on IDF is the credits for Hsu, Hua-Jian General. The Taigong spell on the plane means to have the protection from divine. Ho claimed that the exhibition includes 4 planes, 2 F-16 and 2 IDF, flying in group and hoping to show the strength of air force in the Hankuan No.31 drill.