Defense News

(Reported by Dong, Chuan-Hui on Jun.7, at Taoyuan)
The Army Academy is the cradle for the staff of the troops. For over 50 years, the School has educated numerous alumni and the history pavilion gathered materials from the phases of the School, brining the memory back for the alumni.The Army Academy has a few former name of the 1st NCO academy, NCO School, and Army Senior High School. The principal Tsao, Chun-Fan initiated the establishment for the Pavilion last year and it was open on May 15 this year in the event of the 58th anniversary of the School.The History Pavilion is designed to exhibit the land scape alteration of the School, presenting the history with all the old pictures. The alumni are amazed by the performance and keen to find the age for their own period. The Pavilion is a time tunnel, bringing them back to their school life. The exhibition material are collected by the History Society of the School. They recover the historic scene and propose the result to the School for further arrangement.The exhibition shelf is special. They are made from the school desk and chair, considering the heritage and eco friendless. The Principal claimed that the School respects the history and all the visitors of the Pavilion can not only feel the intention of the school but also experience the honor and the determination of defending the country of the warriors.