Defense News


(Reported by Dong, Chuan-Hui on Jun.4 in Taipei)
Vice Chief Staff General Pu, Tze-Chun represented the Minister and awarded the certificate of appreciation to the CEO, Weng, WEN-CHI, expressing the gratitude on the promotion of the recruitment policy.During the visiting, PU and Dong exchanged opinions in promoting the recruitment policy and pointed out that as he was in the position of the India ambassador, he’d been cooperating with the army in implementing the establishment of Lanchia memorial park. He was impressed by the attitude and efficiency of the army at that time so he in pro for the promotion of recruitment policy.  
PU appreciated the assistance from the Chinapost and claimed that the policy is important for the overall arrangement and the wage of the volunteer soldier is to be raised from 33,625 for combat surplus and comfort surplus. The personnel in service also can apply for utility and medical reduction. PU appreciated the Chinapost again in the end for they provide the wall of the 1324 branches to post the recruitment post, promoting the critical policy,