Defense News

(Reported by LIN, JIN-JIE on Jun.3, in Kinmen)
The Minister inspected Kinmen today, appreciating the devotion of the troops for training and the stand guarding. The Minister also passed on the care from the President.The Minister Gao’s heart is always with the troops in Kinmen. He cares the living conditions of the troops and visited Beidin to inspect the amphibious scouts and the Fortress command. He was briefed on the living and the training of the troops and the communication with the stand guard not only familiarize the troops but make the staff feel the care from the Minister. Kinmen has been relieved by the warzone mission and the mini-three links promotes the development of the region. The Minister Gao reminded the troops to be alert from the threat of the China and strengthen the security of the camp, reinforcing the confidentiality of critical information.The Minister claimed that the staff shall conduct the training according to the related regulations and reinforce the strength of the troops to ensure the safety of the island.The Minister inspected the amphibious scouts and saw the presentation of the troops of boat operation, boat turning, underwater address and underwater scout. The amazing performance overwhelmed the Minister.in addition, the Minister also conveyed the care for volunteer service staff, encouraging the staff to be devoted to the mission and promote the recruitment policy.