Defense News

(Reported by Lin, Jin-Jie on Jun.2 in Taipei)
The Minister Gao presented the Hanguan no.31 drill  debriefing and spoke to the chief officers, encouraging the troops to propose active methods to deepen the training of the army.The debriefing was hold at the Drill Center of the Ministry. Minister Gao presented and rewarded the units of merit for their executing all the control and training according to the procedure. Minister Gao approved the conduction of the Joint Commander and encouraged the Chief Staff Yen's instruction on the drill, calling for the meeting on the defense strategy.
To respond the warfare principle of China, Minister instructed the units to review the situation design to sharpen the response of the troops.
Gao also requested the strategy unit to have advanced thinking on development to support the policy of the country and to speed up the military transformation. Gao pointed out that the troop shall think about the adaption to the new policy of recruitment and review the outcome of the drill honestly to execute the rescue and defense mission and make the mobilization troop reaching the goal of fast response.
Gao claimed that the drill is the focus of the people and the troops shall be confidential on the drill information and keep security and investigation task well, preventing the sabotage from the enemy. The debriefing was host by Yen. He proposed the troops to advance the method with active attitude and integrate the ideas into future drill to strengthen the force of the army.