Defense News

(Reported by Chou, Li-Hsin on Jun. 1 in Taipei)
The one-day camp opening activity is to be hold on the saturday at Taichung Chenggonglin Camp. The activity will have the skill training and present the Leopard Armed Vehicle. Welcome everyone come and visit.This year is the 70th anniversary of the victory of Japan Resistance war and the theme of the activity is the honorable heritage and the military transformation. Besides the related exhibition and history details, the troop also arrange the static and dynamic weapon presentation. People can get familiar with the history and see the result of military training.  The activity is from AM 6:00 to PM 3:00, the dynamic presentation includes . The dynamic presentation includes special force skill show, comprehensive strength presentation, CYUT Dancing and Music show, and Lindon Senior high School Flag Show. The equipment exhibition includes the AH-1W, OH-58D chopper, avenger missle, M109A2 Canon, Leopard Vehicle, and UAV drone. It' s a must-go show for people.