Defense News

(Reported by Lee, Yi-Hou at Taipei on May 31)
ROC Discharged MP Forum visited MP 202 Command Fuxi Camp today. Over 100 discharged MP and dependants gatered with the troops, symbolizing the MP spirit and the loyalty may pass down.
The political warfare director of 202 Command, Colonel Jan welcomed the Forum on bhalf of the Commander, appreciating the support of the Forum and expected to reveal the3 strength of the troop to them. The Forum chief Lee, Jien-Fen claimed that the forum have a membership of 12000, and hold several visiting and welfare activities every year. The visiting this time can unite the MP troops and give strength to the troops. The troop arranged a tour to the History pavilion for the Forum members, showing the living and the equipment using by the troops, also, playing the film of the recruitment promotion and armor vehicle presentation. The Forum gave the troop the souvenir and t-shirt to encourage the new generation to hold the MP spirit in treasure.,