Defense News

(Reported by journalist CHIANG, TA-YU from Military News Agency in Kaohsiung on May 27th)
The second lot of UH-60M helicopters went through various kinds of checks and tests following the procedures and flew to their base today. The 4 UH-60M helicopters delivered to Port of Kaohsiung were assembled and checked by the maintenance staff and technician officers from Army Airborne Special Forces Command. After their trial operations on the ground in the morning, they flew away from the port one after another. The Army Command Headquarters indicated that the new weapons and vehicles recently obtained by the Armed Forces would be the most solid fighting capabilities for national defense and disaster rescue. Soldiers and officers would continue to be trained with the highest standards in order to construct solid fighting capabilities for defense with the integration of the corps from the Army and the Air Force, which would help in securing the safety of our country and the welfare of citizens.