Defense News


(Reported by journalist Li, I-hao from Military News Agency in Pingtung on May 21th)
The exercise of “No. 104-1 Live Firing Cooperated by Army, Navy and Air Force” was held by the Armed Forces today. Combined with the annual assumption for maneuvers by the Armed Forces this year, the soldiers and officers from the Army, Navy and Air Force who participated in the exercise were all integrated and were instructed with the concepts of “unified command and control; enhanced firing training”. The training results of the Armed Forces were verified by performing live fire shooting in accordance with the procedures for engaging enemy.
The live fire exercise was held at Jiupeng Base in Pingtung in the morning. Lieutenant general Wang, Hsing-wei, the Deputy Chief of the General Staff Headquarters, inspected the whole process of the exercise with the company of the Deputy Commander of the Army, Lieutenant general Pan, Chia-yu, et al. The hypothetical targets in this exercise were electronic targets, and the corps which belongs to Air Defense Missile Command engaged the hypothetical enemy targets. Sky Bow and MIM-23 Hawk missiles were launched in turn, and all missiles hit their respectively set targets, showing the solid training results of the soldiers and officers.
Deputy Chief of the General Staff Headquarters, Lieutenant general Wang, gave deep approval and praise toward all sectors which participated in the exercise for that all the tasks could be performed in accordance with the plan and the live firing mission was successfully accomplished. The training results of the corps were effectively verified and enhanced. He also expected that all soldiers and officers can persistently keep on performing military trainings in order to face the challenges of diverse missions in the future.