Defense News

(Reported by CHEN, YIN-CHU at Nantou on May 18th)
Members of Foreign and National Defense Committee of the Legislative Yuan, legislator, Tsai Huang-liang, and Ma, Wen-Chun inspected the troops in Nantou area and investigated the status of training, logistics, and ammo storage, encouraging the devotion of the troops. The legislators, accompanied by the general director Lieutenant General WANG, HSIN-LONG, headed to the Nantou Reservist Command and appreciated the talent recruitment and the civil communication conducted by the troop after being briefed.
Soon after, the legislators headed to the 5th area ammo dump, Puli section dump, to investigated the living and the training mission of the troops. The Puli section dump located nearby tourist site and the legislators specially asked the staff to ensure the safety, confirming the stable working of the security system and establishing communicating channel with local authorities. It's the only way to develop virtuous circle between the army and the people. Director Wang, as the representative of the Minister, expressed gratitude for the support from the legislators and encouraged the staff to maintain well communication with the local residence.