Defense News


(Reported by LIN, YI-CHIN at Pingtung on May 20th) 
The Lienyong 104-5 Joint Training was conducted at the Joint Training Base today and the mechanized infantry 269 brigade was taking exams. The commander showed the strategy skill, leading the troops pass the test and control the target zone, showing the result of their daily training.The training was divided into 2 stages and took place at Shoshan and Baoli. The vice chief staff Wang, accompanied with Lieutenant General PAN, JIA- YU and the base commander Colonel TSAI, inspected the whole process of the training. The mechanized infantry 269 brigade, including a motor company, tank company, special; mechanized infantry team, anti-vehicle company, vehicle armor scout company, chemical force company, engineer company, and special force company, was taking the exam and simulation the support to navy fleet, implementing the army, navy, and air force joint training.The troop firstly took the advance attack, preparation, and disperse the enemy scout, then taking practice on joint fire training, and camp fight, cover fire, target control and pursuing attack. During the process, the brigade were supported by friend force such as OH-58D chops and 155 cannon, destroying the enemy vehicle by TOW's missile. The troop moved together with infantry, tank, and vehicle, finally reached the target and finished the training.