Defense News


(Reported by Jian, Da-yu on May 19th, at Kaohsiung )
The 4th Warzone Chief, Lieutenant General JI, visited the local authority and medical team to reinforce the disaster prevention and attempted to improve the lateral communication to ensure the safety of people in the affected area.Commander JI, accompanied with political warfare director, Major General Yang,   paid visit to Mudan, Manjo, and Gangtsai Township to exchange opinions with local authority and residences. JI pointed out that the climate change has caused great damage to the country. May is the traditional raining season and the typhoon season follows. The flood and landslide often caused great loss and damage on lives and properties. Therefore, the army has the responsibility to secure people from disasters.In addition, Commander JI reminded the staff to reinforce the lateral communication with related units to respond to the severe communication break and the traffic interruption. He also demanded all the troops to implement rescue training and to learn to study all the disaster information to achieve speed response.