Defense News


(Interviewed by reporter Zhou, Li-Hsin)
2015 Navy Dunme Fleet set off from Tsoying harbor, visiting Solomon, Naurau, and Palau. The voyage lasted 51 days and the fleet came back to Taiwan today, completing the training mission. Lin attributed the success of the training to the team effort, appreciating the devoting and cooperation of the fleet members. Lin pointed out that the Dunmu training initiated in 1966, and through the voyage, the fleet members may took the opportunity to reinforce the knowledge acquired from school and accumulating valuable practical experience.  The training can also fulfill the mission on promoting national defense consciousness, reinforcing the friendship with other countries, and advertising the government policy.Dunmu voyage is an important Navy annual project and Lin claimed that the fleet is benefited by the instruction from all levels of supervisors and the support from unit of logistics, training, intelligence, and communication. Lin further appreciated the coherence showed by every member in the training. They all strive for the glory and honor of the country with the attitude of modesty, compassion, discrete, and joy.