Defense News

(Reported by Chen, Jian-Hsin on May 14, at Hsinchu)
The vice staff chief Lieutenant General Wang, Hsin-Wei, awarded the troop participating the presentation today, representing the Minister Gao to encourage the troops completing the war preparation and presenting the brightest side of the army in front of people, propagating the spirit of winning the resistance war against Japan.Wang was briefed by the troop participated the presentation and learning the life and training of the troops. In addition, Wang also had a deeper understanding on the schedule, traffic, logistics, political preparation, and medical of the presentation, and honored the troops for their high morale and expertise. Wang claimed that safety is the base of the training and the troops has to hold the principle of separating the education and training to ensure the safety in all occasions. The troops had to deem safety as the first priority and improve the training efficiency to show their best side to people.