Defense News


(Reported by Jian, Da-Yu on May 13, at Kaohsiung)

The Marine Corps Command conducted the team-operated weapon gunnery training today and the troops operates the weapon firing at the sea to validate the command system, weapon operating ability, and the war reaction.
The weapons for the operation includes 5" cannon, H6Cannon, 40 Thump Gun, 20 western cannon, and 50 western cannon. The operation includes single shot and multiple shots, validating the weapon-operating ability of the troops.
The Command pointed out that the operation includes the troops of 66 brigade, 99 brigade, air defense brigade, and landing tank team. The troops operates the weapon to validate the weapon operating ability, and gaining experience in the gunnery raining.
In addition, to ensure the safety of the operation, the Marine Corps strictly manage the safety control of the environment, dividing into few mission groups includes guarding, camp safety, medical, and blind shell operating to ensure the operation is secured.