Defense News

(Reported by WU, PO-YI on May 12, in Taipei )
The Minister hold the procurement act workshop to familiarize the troops' understanding on the Procurement Act. The General Director HSU, PEI-SHAN claimed that the supervisor and the unit chief shall reinforce the profession, actively taking the responsibility of verification, and elevating the efficiency on procurement.The workshop took place in the Boai Camp and the audience includes the representatives from army, navy, and air force. They were briefed by the procurement office, such as the explanation on current statuary and announcement. The goal of the workshop is to prevent the law breaking behaviors in t he future. Director Hsu pointed out that the faithfulness is the first priority for the staff responsible for procurement and they have to be familiar with the regulation, excelling at the management system. The supervisor also has to provide assistance and improve the communication among different units.