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(Reported by ZHOU, YI-LI on May 11 at Taichung)
The MP 203 Command and the discharged MP association, Hesong Association, has long been participating into all kinds of social welfare activities, including the visiting to native Taiwanese tribe, helping solitary elders, or taking care of the minorities. The active MP and discharged MP take the responsibility for the society and epitomize the teaching that it's more blessed to give than to take.Taichung Discharged MP Association Vice Director, HUANG, YI-ZHAN, established the page for minority caring and receive a lot feedbacks from the internet. The Political Warfare of 203 Command Lieutenant Colonel TAN call the colleague to participate the welfare activities when he knew the benevolent  behaviors.Lieutenant Colonel TAN claims that the troop participate the activities with the principle of love. HUANG remembered that once he's to participate an activity holding in Nantou, with the help of the 203 command, getting 4 trucks of resources finally. He was deeply touched. HUANG claims that the active MP and discharged MP can joint and offer their strength in participating social welfare activities to help more people in need and help the society accumulate more positive energy.