Defense News


(Reported by LIN, JIN-JIE on May 10, at Hualien)
The typhoon, Honhhsia,  bear down in a menacing. The army second warzone ordered the troops in Huanlien prepare for disaster rescue after the CWB issuing the alert. The warzone conducted the check-up on equipment and though the weather was fine in Hualien yesterday, the troop still manage to ensure to be fully informed about the news of typhoon, with the spirit of seeing disaster rescue as warfare, implementing the principle of preventing the disaster from occurrence, by ways of deploying the strength forward and near the place in need. The troop finished the verification of the equipment and kept a close communication with the local government to make sure the troop can be project to ground zero in the first place. To ensure the rescue can be initiated as soon as possible, the troop has completed the preparation of back pack , vehicle check, maintenance of engineering equipment and communication equipment, executing the training on personnel, meeting the demand of fast rescue mission.