Defense News

(Reported by reporter Jian, Da-Yu on May 7, at Kaohsiung)
The summer in south Taiwan is ruthless, but the physical training class members are used to the tough training in the Infantry School at Fengshan. Their body is dark and well-trained, and that is the proof of their toughness. The class is well known by people in Taiwan and the full name of the class is Physical Training and Martial Art Training Class. It's been established for 48 years. Member from all branches and all ranks, officer, NCO, and soldier, are all trained equally in the class. The class have raised an abundant of instructors an they all have become the powerful strength in the troops.In the beginning, the class members are all male, but with the tendency of female participating in the army, the class started to recruit female members from 2007. The female members shows no inferior to the male members and also receive the 4-month physical training.The course in the class is based on the common skills, including swimming, obstacle overcoming, grenade throwing, combat, Chikwondo, CPR, surviving skills, and the physical fitness.