Defense News

(Reported by the reporter Zhou, Li-Xin on May 6 )
Navy 2015 Dunmu Fleet Xinn Vessel visited Palau today and the vice president Antonio Bells welcomed the fleet at the harbor in person. The natives also welcomed the fleet with traditional dancing, showing the firm relationship between two countries.
Dunmu Fleet arrived malaca harbor before noon. The section chief Major General Lin landed with all staff and the student representatives. The local people welcomed them with the bouquet presenting ceremony. The ceremony was hold by the vice president Antonio Bells and the ambassador Tzeng also gave the fleet a warmth welcome with all the personnel. The vice president pointed out that ROC shares many common place with Palau. Both countries are located in an island, and manage to maintain firm relationship. Since the navy conducted the rescue mission for Haiyen hurricane in 2013, it's been 3 years in a roll the ROC navy visited Palau. The Palau people all welcomed with gratitude .Lin suggested that the fleet took 40 days to visit Palau and gave the country our sincere blessing, hoping the two countries can strengthen the relationship with each other. The ROC navy actively participate into the national affairs, wishing the play the role of help giving and hoping the people in Palau can feel the greeting from us.In the end of the ceremony, Amachayong Women’s Organization offered the traditional dance played by 12 girls, welcoming the fleet in a tropical manner.After the ceremony, vice president and Tzeng were introduced by Lin to walk on board and visited the fleet. They were briefed about the mission of the fleet and the history of the 70 anniversary of resistance war, having a greater understanding toward the Navy.