Defense News


(Military News Agency /Li Yihao, Taipei on 5th)

     In recent years, the national army has been dedicated on the promotion of distinct policy reforms and the development of further “military morality education” as to establish a clear cognition among the officials for them to be equipped with strong sense of morality. In this way, they would display the moral force, be united and defeat the enemy.

     The associate professor of National Defense University, Hsieh, Yih-Shiun, indicated that the army, unlike general profit groups or organizations, is a group with “organization” and “military force” employed by the country. Its duty is to guarantee the national security; therefore, the soldiers should have the mindedness and tolerance of scarifying themselves for a bigger goal. They are also required to share weal and woe. All these, including the mindedness, tolerance, philosophy, or even values, are the military morality concrete demonstration.

      Taking “U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command” as the example, Hsieh, Yih-Shiun said that “military character "and" professional military ethics are the basis of military professionalism, which guides the warriors’ behaviors. The standard of the military ethics and the principles symbolizes the warriors’ promise towards the country.

     Furthermore, the army is not only the legal military force to protect the country; at the moral level, it is also the spiritual benchmark of the citizens, indicated Hsieh, Yih-Shiun. Being part of the army, the officials should be proud of its career and be self-vigilant as the military morality is the reference of their speech and action, fulfilling their duty of being part of the army. This could establish a fierce elite troop that is “democratized, legalized and specialized” for the sacred mission-accomplishment of national defense protection.

Hsieh, Yih-Shiun has introduced the leadership courses of the “Royal Military Academy Sandhurst” which emphasize the influence of the individual morality with the life of the nation and the public safety. This includes the exercise of self-discipline, objectivity and fairness, exclusion of self-interest, broad-minded, responsibility, etc. The Canadian army research also discovered that, “within the conflicts in the XXI Century, military philosophy, values and skills of fighters and leaders shall be depended on as to take an advantageous position within the gloomy and violent environment.” It is clear that military morality is a fundamental impact over the individuals and the country.

     Hsieh, Yih-Shiun emphasized that military morality is the spirit of the army. Without this central concept and military morality, the officials would struggle with each other, and all sorts of moral hazards as well as illegal and arbitrary disciplines would occur. Therefore, the officers should gradually build up their military moral cognition within their daily life as to enhance their discipline and behavior. The establishment of elite troops with military morality together with virtuosos could ensure their capability of bearing different duties and missions in the safeguarding of the national security.