Defense News


(Reported by journalist Chen, Chien-hsing from Military News Agency in Taipei on April 28)
The “Exercise of Civil Mobilization for Defense and Disaster Prevention and Rescue (Min-An No. 1)” was held today in Taipei City with the focus on the reactions to an earthquake. The simulation and actual exercise were held respectively to complete the civil mobilization mechanism for defense and effectively integrate the resources from the city government, the armed forces and citizens with the expectation of improving the overall performance of disaster prevention and rescue.The simulation was performed at Fire Department of Taipei City Government, and responsible executive officer was Mayor Ko Wen-je. The conditions and assumptions of the disaster was simulated in the phases of the early period after the disaster happened, reactive rudimentary rescue, the reaction and handling after the aftershock ceased, and the restoration after the disaster. The bureaus and divisions which belong to the city government and the related divisions and constructions of the armed forces, governments and private sectors together with the organizations charity and disaster rescuing cooperated and participated in the simulation to perform trainings for the reactive performance of disaster prevention and rescue mechanisms.The integrated actual exercise was carried out in Liuzhangli military camp and Taipei DaAn sports center in the afternoon. With the cooperation of the public and private sectors under the government, volunteer organizations and the armed forces, the conclusions for the theme were maneuvered upon the subjects of “the reactions for the disaster” and “evacuation and sheltering”. 26 subjects related to the theme which included “the evacuation operations for earthquakes” were simulated with actual practices with real items at actual places in order to verify the feasibility of the master plan for the prevention, rescue tasks, reactions and controls for disasters.In addition, the “military air-raid drill cooperated with citizens (Wanan No. 38 drill)” was performed from 1:30-2:00 PM. It was performed in the manner of different beginning time in different regions with a previous notice. The transmission of defense intelligence, the raise of alarm, the evacuation of people and vehicles, and traffic control were all carried out in such manner in order to enhance the civil precaution toward enemy, let citizens be familiar with anti-air-raid operations and realize the establishment of facilities and equipment for the correspondences to air-raids with the hope of reducing the damage caused by air-raids and securing the safety and property of citizens.