Defense News

(Reported by Ruan, Zheng-Lin in Kaohsiung)
Kaohsiung Reservist Command Political warfare chief Lieutenant WU Visited the FuDinJin Veteran Dorm, visiting two solitary elder veteran, Shen, Lien-Zhou, and Tsui, Wen-Hai. Wu expressed the greeting from the Commander and the concern about the meal and the environment of the dorm. WU also reminded the veterans to keep safe in the dorm; all the elders were deeply touched.WU suggested that the reservist command is just in the neighborhood and the army shall always be grateful to the ones who gave, helping the dorm to keep the environment clean and offering a safe and comfort place for all the veterans.The chief of FuDinJin Veteran Dorm, Shen, Lien-Zhou, said that they appreciated the visiting from WU and thanks for the care from the army.