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(Reported by LIN, YI-CHIN at Taoyuan on Apr.23)
The principal of Army Academy, CAO, CHUN-FAN, praised the 9 students doing boldly what is right during vacation, awarding the certificate for their assisting vehicle accident victim. Cao further encouraged the troop to see the behavior as models to learn.The accident happened on Apr.18 at Zhongli, the cross road of Zhongshan E. Rd. and Zhongbei Rd.. The good work of the nine students helping the car accident victim was revealed to school by the report from citizens on Apr.22.The principal claimed that the school aims to developing students good both in civil and in military art. Feeding back to the society and community is the principle of the school.The student WANG, BO-CHIN, is one of 9 students. He said that they were waiting the bus and with a sound of break slicing through, a motor was down. They offered their help immediately, rescuing the wounded under the car by lifting the 2-ton heavy vehicle up with the citizens pass by.The student, LU, YO-CHEN, pointed out that they cannot think a lot at the moment, all they can thought of is to help the wounded as soon as possible. It's also the spirit conveyed by their instructors. They help a wounded to get out and soon, the ambulance arrived and carried the motor driver to hospital.The students praised by the principal are as follows, LIU, MIN-ZHENG, YANG, JIN-AN, LU, YO-CHEN, HSU, BIN-TSONH, LIN, CHI-HING, LAI, BO-YU, CHANG, CHIAO-KAI, and HSIEH, WEI-ZHE. They are all the first grade students of the school.In addition, the press extensively report the news on Apr.18, in the title of " the most beautiful view in Taiwan", praising their effort to lift up the vehicle and help the wounded get to the hospital. The net surfers also praised their behavior as the most compassionate scene in Taiwan. The variety angles to probe into the event endow an warmth perspective to the accident.